Czech language books

Czech for Beginners

Step by Step

We will not find a job or a flat to live for you but we can teach a foreigner how to get  it in Czech.

Learn the vocabulary to make yourself understand at an office, while shopping, at lunch in a restaurant or with your Czech friends.

What can you Find out

in the Textbook?

You won't learn to speak like a native Czech. It really isn't possible in 400 pages. But you will master basic vocabulary at A2 level, you will learn the most important gramatical cases of nouns and adjectives, the most common forms of pronouns and you will manage conjugation of verbs.

You will definitely be able to read an advert, ask the employer basic questions, chat with friends.

And I promise, you will master even more.


  • Czech Sounds
    Learn, how to pronounce one letter in different places of a word. Or how to read prepositions S and V in front of different words.
  • Vocabulary Relating to Work
    Learn to understand job adverts, get vocabulary connected with it.
  • Grammar and Wordorder
    Even though Czech is very flexible as for wordorder, it is important to stick to one rule. And you will learn it.
  • Practical Units for your Free Time
    Lear useful phrases to be able to claim faulty goods, to go to a hairdresser, go shopping and many others.

Sample Chapter

A colleague of mine who is a foreigner was at an office. The only thing she was mostly scared of, was filling in a form and making a mistake. But you don't have to. You only need to know some expressions and you will feel more confident. Let's look at it in Unit 7.

Štěpánka Pařízková

I studied Pedagogic Faculty in Hradec Králové. I always loved grammar and my students understand it very well. So I explain and teach it. In my textbook of Czech for foreigners, too.

vyuka cestiny pro cizince